Why having multiple trade accounts can increase your profitability

Builders everywhere from one man bands to large building companies are finding by using our site they can increase their profits just by having 3 or 4 trade accounts and using our pricing service.

Most builders can increase their profits by anywhere from 10-30% all by doing a bit of simple account management, which is where we can help you!

To explain – Let me take the example of what one of our customers does, that quickly and simply saves him money.

Every time this contractor needs to price a job, he compiles a list and sends it to us here at Builders Broker.

We take his list and save him time and money by finding him the cheapest deals from all of the top trade merchants and send him back prices in an easy to read format including special offers that we arrange through our contacts.

The list highlights the lowest and highest prices for comparison.

All the contractor then does, is order each item from the cheapest supplier

This means he doesn’t just go to one supplier and order everything just because he is there, the list we send him allows him very simply to pre-plan his spending and this simple step is the key to help him save a lot of money off his materials bill.

The contractor in question has told us, by managing his account in this very simple way, not only saves him money, but he also gets more done as it frees him up in the day to concentrate on his building work, not hanging around on the phone waiting for prices to come back.

And not only that, we have introduced him to the very simple and easy to use accounts package that we currently use, which helps him keep track of all his invoices and bills. So he can now keep an eye on all his financial matters and spend less on the accountant, another area he now spends less on!


We save you time AND we save you money!


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Building Materials Pricing Service

Builders Broker is pleased to offer their Building Materials Pricing Service to trades people.

The service is designed to help save time and money for builders, carpenters, electricians, plumbers – all trades that buy materials and services.

To find out more, go to our Contractor Pricing Service page.

Small Business Accounts Software Discount

If you’re looking for small business accounts software, we’ve managed to negotiate a 10% discount from the excellent Solar Accounts.

It’s the software we use so we can recommend it, and with a 60 day free trial, you have time to test it. See our Accounts Software Offer page for more details.

Hydroflow HS38 Available from Builders Broker

The Hydroflow HS38 (also known as the Hydropath HS38) is available from Builders Broker for just £144.95 including free delivery on the UK mainland.

These units have been selling well but then we are the cheapest on Google’s 1st page* for them.

* As at 08/07/2011

Website Update Completed

We’ve been working to improve the look and usability of the Builders Broker website – and it’s now finally ready. Well, for now at least…

Is there anything you like or don’t like about the site? Maybe you like the colours? The layout?

Why not contact us and let us know and we may even credit you if we implement an idea. Free publicity? 🙂